October 4, 2016

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About Us

Design Institute of Transport Infrastructure Ltd is one of the largest Ukrainian design and survey companies making rapid progress in its business.

Design Institute of Transport Infrastructure Ltd started its activity in December 2009. From 2016 our Company is a legal successor of property rights and obligations of “Transyuzhstroyproekt” Design Institute, LLC.

The primary goal of our professional team is to provide an efficient preparation of complete top-quality documents in strict compliance with all the requirements of current legislative acts and regulations, including those related to environmental legislation, preservation of historical monuments and cultural sites, safe operation of facilities, reliability control and life support of structures.

Our Institute has developed multi-purpose projects (approved by the State expert review boards) for renovation and construction of railways and motor roads and that may be estimated at hundreds of kilometres.

We carry out the full range of engineering surveys, including geodetic, geological, ecological and hydrometeorological ones; develop design and estimate documentation for the construction of railway infrastructure facilities, motor roads, industrial and civil construction at various design stages, beginning with basic design solutions and ending with detailed engineering documentation. Our company’s activity may be distinguished by a competent and businesslike approach to the creation of projects, based on the experience and professionalism of our employees; currently, the total number of people employed exceeds 300.

The Company’s staff comprises a wide range of experts, including three Candidates of Science (Engineering), in designing railway and motor transport infrastructure, plot plans and engineering structures such as bridges, overpasses, retaining walls and small engineering structures; in architectural and construction solutions; signaling and communications systems; electrification and power supply installations; sanitary installations. We also have environmental engineering specialists as well as specialists in construction organization plans and cost estimation.

The National Business rating awarded the gold prize to our company for financial and economic activity in 2011, 2014 and 2016.

Our Advantages

Design Institute of Transport Infrastructure Ltd activities are directed to gain customers’ respect, creation and maintenance conditions when the requirements of existing and potential clients are the core of company’s work and existence.

Our Experience

Our company is a leader in design of industrial sector of economy of Ukraine. The comprehensive approach while solving problems related to objects designing enables us to be engaged in several activities and objects at once without threat of losing product quality. We are glad to share this experience and mentioned opportunities with our partners.

Individual Approach to Clients

Design Institute of Transport Infrastructure Ltd develops a long-term strategy oriented on creating mutually beneficial comfortable cooperation with our partners. We proclaim trustful and fair attitude to work with our clients and we are ready to meet the highest demands towards our work. The Company builds relations with its partners on the basics of trust relations to maintain long-term cooperation. We guarantee or attention to small things and perfect quality.

Certified Quality. Control System

The Company has developed, implemented and successfully operates the quality control system, certified as per the requirements of international standards of ISO 9001 series.

Advanced Design Technologies

The most recent technologies in design automation are used while survey, investigation and engineering tasks at the Company. Staff uses the most modern software that lets us declare about readiness to cope with BIM-projects under the highest standards.

The Design Institute of Transport Infrastructure Ltd holds one of the leading positions on Ukrainian railway infrastructure design market. In the current unstable economic environment and fierce competition on the market of engineering services our Company has resorted to the only correct strategy at the present time – implementing the state-of-the-art design technologies based upon BIM technology. Within BIM promotion in Ukraine we perform our activities in accordance with the British state standards BS1192-2007, PAS1192:2-2013 and use hi-end software. The BIM department of our Company has developed and integrated software localization packages, model and project patterns for the works according to various state standards, prepared an internal BIM standard.

The Institute has introduced electronic document management system of technical documentation and engineering data, opening up new prospects for the Company to carry out its work on a more efficient use of the qualitative level, recording and processing of all information about orders of our Partners, exchange of documents and settlements with contractors.

Our Projects

North Caucasian Railway

The Company accomplished the complex of engineering survey and design works for the second track construction on the reconstructed sections of the railway line.

Mosow Railway

We designed and implemented track development of 4 spans and 3 railway stations, electrification and power supply of 5 spans and 6 train stations, reconstruction of artificial structures, new buildings and structures.

East Siberian Railway

Our Company has participated in the development of complex project “Modernization of the railway infrastructure of the East Siberian railway by increasing its carrying capacity”

Roads and Highways

The Institute has performed survey and design works for construction and reconstruction of roads in the Belgorod region with a total length of over 30 kilometers.

Our Contacts

18, Otakar Yarosh Street

Kharkov, 61045, Ukraine

+38 (057) 763-10-37, +38 (057) 763-24-45

+38 (057) 763-24-46, +38 (050) 309-76-39