Customer magazine «Railway Supply»

Customer magazine «Railway Supply»

Customer magazine «Railway Supply»

Customer magazine «Railway Supply» is focused on establishing and developing of business contacts between manufacturer and customer in railway industry.

We see WHERE to place the information

We realize WHO needs your product

We know HOW to convince the client

Our goal is TO SALE your product



The estimated amount of subscribers is about 3000. The magazine will be issued 6 times a year. «Railway Supply» customer magazine! High advertising efficiency! Cover all the industries related to railway transportation. Inform al the company levels about your goods and services! Expand the range of your potential clients.

Target audience

  • seaports and river harbors;
  • stevedoring companies;
  • rail transportation companies;
  • mining industry;
  • petrochemical industry;
  • metal industry;
  • agricultural industry;
  • railway workshops and departments;
  • municipal rail transport;
  • «Ukrainian Railways» public company;
  • track structure building and maintenance companies.

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