Project «UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport»

Project «UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport»

Project «UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport» is your guide on Ukrainian railway market. We will help you to adopt your marketing to the Ukrainian business environment. Your potential clients will receive all the necessary information in their native language through your virtual office here in Ukraine.

And, of course, all the feedback will be forwarded directly to you!

Having the virtual office here helps your company to:

  • promote your goods and services for railway transport;
  • get the integrated marketing solutions including internet marketing;
  • connect to target audience;
  • advertise  in «Railway Supply» customer magazine

Creating information environment


Project “UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport” actively started to offer information and services to foreign and domestic railway market players.

Project manager — Director of PROM-ALLIANCE company Aleksandr Batrak — tells about the concept of interaction on this market and new opportunities for its players.

What is project “UA. Integrated solutions. For railway transport”? What are its objectives and implementation milestones?

The project was initiated as an information platform for integrating foreign and Ukrainian producers and consumers of railway-related products.

In terms of the rail-freight traffic Ukraine takes one of the leading positions on the Eurasian continent, but for foreign companies Ukraine is terra incognita. Those who will realize huge potential of the Ukrainian market will win. Today our task is to persuade foreign producers that Ukrainian railway market has good prospects. By attracting leading foreign companies to Ukraine, we provide Ukrainian consumers with an opportunity to use up-to-date equipment and machines, tell them about novelties and major global railway trends. Having provided this information, Ukrainian consumers can choose between the “past” and “future”.

The project is oriented not only on foreign producers – the products manufactured by Ukrainian railway companies may be in demand in the post-Soviet and Eastern European countries. The point is that information about these products is not always fully communicated to its potential consumers in the above countries. The reasons here are different: sometimes Ukrainian companies lack information on the needs of these markets, and sometimes the misconception of our producers that they are well-known anyway.

Creating information environment is one of the main objectives set for the project. Project “UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport” has just been launched, this is a long and hard way. We seek fellow-travellers, who understand us and share our ideas.

Are there any foreign companies that have been interested in your project? What appealed to them?

So far we have been cooperating with several foreign companies under project “UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport”. Right from the very start of the project we came to an agreement with Indheater AB, which develops and produces an innovative railroad switch heating system. Indheater AB is interested in joint manufacture of the system elements in Ukraine, in particular, control boxes. We also found common interests with Polish Rail Tech Papla Sp. z o.o., which is a representative of the American manufacturer of lubrication systems for curved sections Whitmore Rail. Later the project was joined by German G. Zwiehoff GmbH, a manufacturer of field engines and electric-powered carriage modules. Being an alternative to classical diesel-locomotive shunters, these universal and economical machines significantly improve shunting performance. In the end of May we have started cooperation with Robel Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH – world famous producer of railway construction equipment and machinery. There is also an interesting multipurpose Power Pushers of British company Nu-Star MHL i nvolved into the project. These Power Pushers can be used on different industries – they can move everything that rolls. We work not only with European producers – just couple of months ago we have found common ground with Delta Manufacturing – USA company, that produces locomotive wheel lathes.

Today we create information environment, describe product consumer features, provide services of setting up virtual offices of foreign companies, adapt their marketing policy to Ukrainian realias, ensure feedback from domestic consumers. Our partners are confident that all these activities will soon lead to the growth in sales of their products, offered on our project platform.

We have seen that it is important for these companies to work for the future. We are developing continuously: our business development plans include seeking other foreign companies, which will be beneficial not only for our partners, but also for the Ukrainian consumer.

And what exactly do you offer to foreign companies within «UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport» project?
Within thіs project. at the lowest cost, foreign company receives:
• Target audience
• Marketing solutions adaptation to Ukrainian realities
• Business in accordance with Ukrainian legislation
• The interest in company’s product through the interest in project partner’s goods.
• Bridging the language barrier
• «Railway Supply» customer magazine
• Access to our own client base
• Quick feedback
In fact, the producer receives marketing outsourcing with the possibility of independent entering the Ukrainian market afterwards, with a great savings of time, operational costs and investments.
During InnoTrans we can discuss all the cooperation variants in details at the stands of our partners, at your company stand, or by the telephone +380 93 152-04-32.

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Project «UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport»

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