Ukrainian transport system

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Rail transportation is one of the most important unit of Ukrainian transport system. It plays significant part in supplying the multi industrial Ukrainian economy, covering 82% of cargo traffic (excluding pipelines) and 40% of passenger transportation.

Ukrainian railway network spreads over more than 22000 kilometers (with 45,5% electrified).

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Every year more than 120 thousand carriages transport over 430 million tons of different goods. The capacity of Ukrainian railway cargo traffic is on 4th place in Eurasian continent, conceding only to Chinese, Russian and Indian railways.

There are three Pan-European transport corridors crossing Ukrainian territory (III, V, and IX). International corridors of Organization for Cooperation of Railways (5 and 8) and TRACECA corridor are also go through Ukraine. The length of international railway corridors on Ukrainian territory is 3162 kilometers (6080 km deployed). It mostly consists of double-track electrified railways with high carrying capacity and automatic train protection.

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Ukrainian railway infrastructure meets the European requirements or even exceeds them. The main thing to work on is the train moving speed. To meet the European speed standard needs the embedding of new generation rolling stock and investments into infrastructure modernization.