Your winning combination

UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport. Your winning combination

We are the only one in Ukraine offering such services

Interested in sales on Ukrainian market? Welcome to our ready-to-use platform!

We are creating information environment, generating the interest in your goods. Our «Railway Supply» magazine is the only one in Ukraine which is selling not advertising spaces but goods and services!

We are promoting our goods using the modern methods, taking into account the specificity of Ukrainian customers. You do not have to search the clients – they are all here in our own client base. Industries covered by project: Agricultural industry, Rail transportation, Ukrainian Railways, Mining industry, Metal industry, Seaports and river harbors, Рetrochemical industry, Energy industry.

We are selling our goods because we know where, how and to whom to offer them.

Our offer is the optimal, versatile and cost-effective solution for the companies interested in Ukrainian market. Every project is being considered and calculated separately, based on what we can offer to your company on a case-by-case basis. After the expiry of our service period we will forward to you all the project information and transfer all the control for the objects created for you within the project.


Being at the right time in the right place

-Exemption from the routine correspondence

-Ldle requests filtering


-Social networking

-Contextual advertising

-Direct marketing




 Different ways – one goal

-Marketing solutions adaptation

-Target audience

-Direct contact with the client

-Native communication language

-Cost saving due to «virtual office»




Unconventional moves – successful results

-Creating information environment

-All the company levels forking


-Quick feedback

-The interest in your company’s product through the interest in partner’s goods





New horizons of your success

-Business in accordance with Ukraine legislation

-Stability and insistency

-Common interests protection

-Working 24×7

-Constant contact with the client

-Direct access to the real contracts.




Decisive advantage

-«Railway Supply» customer magazine

-Professional publication

-Wide audience reach

-Access to own client base

-Participation in exhibitions

-Information goes directly to the decision makers



Project «UA. Integrated Solutions. For railway transport»

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